Pastry Puffins® are Freezer-to-Oven Easy!


No thawing, no rising overnight, no prior preparation required. The Pastry Puffins are for those special, spontaneous moments when you, your family, or your friends crave a great pastry treat. Each package contains 12 individual portions. Simply break off the number you desire and pop them in the oven.

Share your own Puffin' Love story...

Kids and grownups all over have fallen in love with the Pastry Puffins. Perhaps it's the light and flaky puff pastry that makes the first impression. Or, maybe the attraction is the scrumptious fillings, the easy preparation, or the individual portion sizes. Whatever it is, we'd like to hear your Puffin' Love story.


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Wyhe's Guys

"Wow!!! The puffins are delicious!! Everyone at school said they were fabulous and now I am a believer. However, I am truly sad as my family and I have no more. We need your help and would like to purchase more. Thanks!!"

Amie, Everett, Washington

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Puffin' Gallery Moments unrehearsed with the Pastry Puffins

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A Recent Puffin' Love

My freezer is empty!!! Wish I would have ordered more! Will next time! With kids out of school, these would be perfect in the morning. Plus, an easy dessert anytime!

  • Paula, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

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